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Welcome to finmagazine.com.

We are a global leading consulting and publishing company specializing in strategic marketing for Foreign Direct Investment. Our immediate focus is on emerging markets, especially in Africa.

We also organise and host international investment conferences which are attended by key players and decision-makers from African governments and private business organisations. These conferences and events provide a solid networking opportunity with African business leaders as well as create avenues for expanding your business into Africa 's emerging markets.


Past Events
International Business Women Conference - IBWC, 1-4, November 2007
International Business Leaders Conference - 19-20 October, 2006
Sino-Africa Petroleum Conference - 2-4 November, 2006
2nd Annual Africa Petroleum, Energy & Mining Forum,  2-5 April, 2006
International Business Women Conference - IBWC, 2-4 October, 2005
1st Annual Africa Petroleum, Energy & Mining Forum,  10-12 April, 2005
African Women Entrepreneurship: Venture Capital Forum,   21-23 November, 2004

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